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The names and logos of certifications, qualifications, designations and their awarding bodies or entities appearing on this portal have been derived from publicly available sources. These names and logos feature on this portal entirely owing to the fact that all such listings as the one on this portal demand complete and accurate information, which is verifiable and authentic in general public understanding and awareness. besthrcertification.org is under no obligation, whatsoever, to disclose the details of its methods, models or methodology, or to respond to questions or observations related to the latter, unless it is understood that such disclosure shall materially benefit the practice of human resource management; growth of professionals, organizations and industry, or such disclosure forms a part of a statutory or regulatory provision of a nation, and has been formally requested of besthrcertification.org by authorities.

Despite all the standard validation exercises on the figures and facts related to industry, qualifications, certifications, entities and certified individuals presented on the besthrcertification.org lists, the latter is in no position to claim that the information about the featured qualifications, certifications, entities and certified individuals presented here, or the information shared with besthrcertification.org by the concerned individuals and entities for the purposes of evaluation for the listings, is correct or accurate. besthrcertification.org hence, hence does not claim that information or opinions presented here are reliable to the extent that other organizations or individuals or entities can base their decisions to do business with, or deal with the certification entities, companies and institutions featuring on the besthrcertification.org lists without any risk.

besthrcertification.org shall not be responsible for the results or the consequences of use of any of the besthrcertification.org listings, or of the use of the opinions, results or information presented here on this portal. In many cases, besthrcertification.org may be legally constrained under confidentiality clauses to not to reveal any information about the featured entities or individuals other than what already stands shared on this portal. besthrcertification.org does not promote any third party certifications, credentials, qualifications, technology, platform, ideology, program, courses or organizations, and all references to them, if any on this website portal, are entirely for informational purposes only.

All third-party brand-names, logos and trademarks on this website belong to their respective owners, and their appearance on this website is not driven by any commercial motive, and is only for informational purposes. besthrcertification.org listings are independent and exclusive products of the initiatives of besthrcertification.org, and have not been sponsored by any government, organization, association, lobby or individual. besthrcertification.org does not charge any fee, and there are no direct or indirect pecuniary or financial considerations involved at any stage of the listing process.