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Best HR Certification

The evolving challenges in HR can yield tremendous opportunities to those with the right HR certification.

Best HR Certification

Best HR Certifications In Asia

  • Best HR Certification
    Best HR Certificationwww.mihrm.com Best HR Certification

    Selangor, Malaysia

    Since 1976, the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, Malaysia’s first and most prominent association for Human Resources Professionals, has trained and certified more than 20, 00 professionals, across public and private sectors. MIHRM professionals are regarded as the most valued certification in one of the largest nations in South East Asia. MIHRM’s has a huge outreach and its strategic affiliations with several prestigious authorities like the World Federation of People Management Association, the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) and other renowned HRM Associations ensure that it is at the forefront of professional learning and networking in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Best HR Certificationwww.ihrp.sg Best HR Certification


    Singapore’s leading HR professionals association body is also one of the premier and well respected in the country. Set up by three partners, namely, the Ministry of Manpower, The National Trade Union Congress, and the Singapore National Employers Federation. The Institute for Human Resource Professionals is the most respected professional certification authority in Singapore for Human Resources. What truly sets the IHRP apart and puts it in a league of its own is the authority it possesses. In fact, the IHRP is the only certification body authorized to implement the national HR certification in the country. It is commonly referred to as the IHRP certification itself.

  • Best HR Certification
    Best HR Certificationwww.ahri.com.au Best HR Certification

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    The AHRI, or the Australian Human Resources Institute is the national HR professional certification body in Australia and the recognized association of HR professionals in the country. It currently has around 20, 000 members both within the country and across the world. The AHRI is most importantly responsible for setting the professional benchmarks of Human Resources practices and breakthroughs in human resources management in the country. People management and business skills are promoted by this certification authority. Besides this, the association also sets the standards for universities and institutions for their respective HR certification, academic and executive programs. They also assist the government with HR related legislation and policy making.